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Tyvek bivvy bag

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Made from lightweight, waterproof and breathable DuPont Tyvek by tent manufacturer Flame’s Creed, this strong and well-made bivvy bag will protect your sleeping bag when under a tarp or other shelter.  It will also keep your sleeping bag clean on dirty bothy floors and add an extra layer of warmth in very cold weather.

Weighing just 254g in its stuff sack it is light and compact enough to take with you whenever you venture out, and with the addition of a small tarp to cover you, it makes an incredibly lightweight shelter system. Although Tyvek is waterproof, this bivy bag is not intended to be used as a waterproof stand-alone shelter as the seams and zip are not taped or sealed. It will however protect you from dew, condensation or light rain, particularly when used in conjunction with a small tarp or other semi-open shelter.  As such it is ideal for use inside a single-skin lightweight tent or tarptent as it will keep any condensation away from your sleeping bag.  It is breathable to lessen condensation that would otherwise gather on the inside.

This bag is made of Tyvek Soft Structure Dupont downlining 1452A, which is softer and more fabric-like than the Tyvek which is used in house construction.  It is a kind of fabric that is used in the lining of high-end down jackets and gilets. It is very quiet and much less noisy or slippery than a nylon bivvy bag.

The bag features a drawstring hood and chest zip to make getting into and out of it much easier.  It is large enough to allow most sleeping mats to be placed inside – the holy grail of bivvy bags as this means you keep your mat clean and stay on it during the night.  It is also a lot warmer to have the mat inside the bag with you.

The length is 185cm to the neck opening or 215cm long including the hood.  The width is 87cm.

Packed in its stuff sack it measures just 21cm long by 9cm in diameter – smaller than a water bottle.

Irn Bru not included!

Weight 254g.

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Weight 254 g