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Folding Titanium Wood Stove weighing just 71g

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Incredibly compact and lightweight, this mini titanium woodburner will allow you to utilise any combustible material to hand to make a hot drink or a meal.  With the addition of a titanium mug you have a very lightweight cook system that can handle most eventualities.  It’s clever sectional design can be assembled or folded flat in seconds.

A handful of twigs is sufficient to quickly boil a 600ml mug of water.  Additionally you can use pinecones, tree bark, firelighter cubes and even till receipts, leaflets and cardboard packaging as fuel.  You will pretty much always find something to hand that will burn, meaning that you will never run out of fuel and won’t have to carry heavy meths bottles or worry about gas canisters running out. It is very clean-burning and as it is raised off the ground it will not leave a scorch mark, making it perfect for leave-no-trace camping. It cools down very quickly once the flames have gone out, meaning there is little delay in packing up time.

We always take ours with us, and have found it perfect for cooking with a 600ml Ti mug or mini frying pan.  It has proved especially useful when travelling on a plane as gas canisters or meths are not allowed.  This means that we have a way to make a meal as soon as we get out of the airport, without having to track down a local shop for gas or meths supplies. With it’s tiny pack size and low weight it is ideal for bikepacking – it will slip inside a frame bag or saddle pack and always be there when you need it.

It comes in a woven nylon carry case with velcro closure.  This is perfect to keep any soot off your belongings and protect the stove when it is in your bag.

  • Weight – 71g (+10g for the carry case)
  • Length – 10.7cm
  • Width – 9.5cm
  • Height – 2mm
  • Minimum mug diameter – 8cm (or a smaller mug can be used if two tent pegs are laid across the top to support it).

Pound coin and mug not included!

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Weight 71 g