Pocket size Sudocrem 32g

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No matter how good your saddle and shorts are there will be times when you will need a little relief in your seat area.  For years Sudocrem has been trusted by parents everywhere to treat nappy rash on their baby’s sensitive skin.  As a zinc barrier antiseptic healing cream it works well for the tender regions of saddle-sore cyclists too.  It contains a water-repellent base (consisting of oils/waxes), protective and emollient agents, antibacterial and antifungal agents and a mild anaesthetic. You don’t need fancy chamois cream – just pop this teeny pot of Sudocrem in your hygiene kit and away you go.  A must for long distance trips.

Diameter: 6cm

Height: 2cm

Size: 22g

Weight of the pot and cream together: 32g

Ingredient % (w/w) properties
Excipients 79.2% water-repellent base
Zinc oxide, EP 15.25% astringent, soothing, protective
Lanolin (hypoallergenic) 4.00% emollient
Benzyl benzoate, BP 1.01% vasodilation
Benzyl alcohol, BP 0.39% mild anaesthetic, disinfectant
Benzyl cinnamate 0.15% antibacterial, antifungal