Mini bottle of chain oil – refillable!


Teeny 10ml ultralight bottle of oil for top-ups during your trip.

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This refillable mini 10ml bottle of chain oil is ideal to take with you on your trips for those times when you need to top up lubrication after heavy rain or riding on dusty trails. Sometimes you just need a wee drop of oil to keep things running smoothly….

It’s tiny compact size will fit in a pocket or tool bag and is light enough to be taken with you wherever you go.  Make it part of your emergency kit!

Comes pre-filled with Teflon Weldtite all weather lube. Please do your bit to lessen plastic waste by refilling this bottle with your favourite oil in future – you just pop the dropper off with your finger nail and push it firmly back on again after refilling.


Height = 7cm

Diameter = 2cm

Weight fully filled = 17g