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Life and Limb (signed copy)


Quadruple amputee Jamie Andrew’s incredible story of survival and learning to live without hands or feet.

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Scottish mountaineer Jamie Andrew’s survival and rescue after five nights trapped by a ferocious storm in 1999 has passed into Alpine legend. It was a miracle that he survived; but Jamie had to come to terms not only with the death of his close friend Jamie Fisher, who died beside him – but also with the loss of both hands and both feet to frostbite. Since the accident, Jamie has struggled painfully and successfully to overcome his disabilities; not only has he learnt to walk (and run) on his prosthetic legs, but also to ski, snowboard, paraglide – and even take up his beloved mountaineering again.

In Jamie’s humble, quietly inspirational way he has challenged what we think possible and in doing so encourages us all to push ourselves further. This is a book that will go with you in your head as you take yourself outdoors – in much the same way as Touching the Void and Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

I have known Jamie for several years and think of him often when setting up or breaking down camp.  Just how he manages to continue to camp and cope with all the fiddly buckles, zips and stuff sacs without hands or fingers is incredible to me. Although the story of his accident and rescue are phenomenal in themselves, the real story is in Jamie’s refusal to let his altered condition limit him, something we can all learn an enormous amount from.

Signed copy – would make an ideal Christmas present.