Emergency mech hanger – universal


Universal emergency mech hanger – don’t leave home without one!

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This is one of those products that everyone should carry but we all hope we will never need.  A derailleur is a vulnerable part on a bike and can easily be knocked in a fall or when riding rough terrain.  The derailleur hanger connects your derailleur to the frame and is designed as a ‘weak link’ to snap or bend under extreme pressure, saving your frame and derailleur from major damage in the process.

As anyone who has ever had to replace a derailleur hanger will know, these come in literally thousands of different shapes and sizes and if you can’t readily find the correct one (pretty much impossible unless you contact a specialist manufacturer) you will find yourself with either a fixed gear bike (if you have a chain tool and one our our handy chain links to hand!) or facing a long walk home.    This universal emergency hanger fits in seconds and will allow you to attach your derailleur to the frame via the wheel skewer.  You will then be able to change gear, but may not be able to select all the gears you had previously – it is a ‘get you home’ measure. In remote areas or on multi-day trips you will be very thankful you carried one of these if you ever need it.

This hanger is suitable for MTB, gravel or road bikes. It is reusable and universal – it can be shared between groups of people using different bike frames or simply moved on to your next bike when you upgrade.  As buying a new derailleur hanger for each new frame will cost you around £20 this is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly – no need to have a part manufactured which you may never need.  

It weighs just 9g and will take up hardly any space – don’t leave home without one!

  • Weight of the hanger is 4g
  • Weight of the nut is 5g
  • The nut only needed if your skewer nut doesn’t fit into the recess in the hanger – check before you leave home!

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Weight 9 g