Disc brake spacers


Disc brake spacers, ideal for trailside adjustments

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This is a useful tool for adjusting disc brakes. It makes it easy to adjust the space between the rotor and the pad of the disc brake caliper, to prevent rubbing.  There’s nothing worse than listening to a rubbing brake and knowing that you are wasting your precious energy while it holds you back!

This is a very light tool which is easy to take on the road with you for trailside adjustments.

Made of high quality stainless steel material, it is anti-rust, sturdy and durable.

Its size is 5.5cm long, 2cm wide and 3mm high.


1: Using an allen key (not supplied) loosen the two bolts which hold your brake calliper to your frame or fork.

2: Clip the adjusting spacer onto the brake disc and turn the wheel until the spacer is positioned between the brake pads and brake disk rotor.

3: Hold the brake lever down with one hand and at the same time with the other hand, firmly tighten the bolts you loosened in step one.

4: Release the brake and slowly turn the wheel to release and remove the spacer.

5: Check the alignment by spinning the wheel and watching or listening for brake rub.  If your brakes continue to rub then you may have a wheel which requires truing, a brake piston issue or an incorrectly aligned wheel within the frame.