600ml Titanium mug/saucepan


Titanium camping cup/saucepan – only 96g

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This is exactly the same mug that a certain well-known retailer sells for £38.99!

Weighing just 96g, this titanium 600ml camping mug is an essential item in any bikepacker or hiker’s kit.  When paired with our titanium woodstove you could have a complete cooking system for only a tiny 167g weight penalty.  We have found this size of cup to be the perfect size to cook a full packet of noodles or to heat the required amount of water to rehydrate a camping meal. As a result it has replaced our bulky cooking saucepan in our kit.

We find it is the perfect size to fit into a ‘stem cell’ type bikepacking bag without a struggle.  By packing it with the lid underneath the mug, you can then fill the mug with snack bars or the usual items that you might carry in a stem cell without any noticeable decrease in the volume of the bag.

It’s tough, lightweight and incredibly efficient – it does the job well and is light enough that it can be carried at all times without weighing you down.

  • Handles fold flat for convenient storage
  • Lightweight hard-wearing titanium
  • Only 96g in weight
  • Capacity 600ml
  • Comes supplied with a lid – an essential item when cooking outdoors.
  • Can fit a 100g gas canister inside.
  • ‘Goldilocks’ size – large enough to easily cook a full packet of camping noodles but small enough to fit into a ‘stem cell’ type bag. It’s a saucepan that you don’t feel silly using as a coffee mug. It’s the perfect size.
  • 9cm tall by 10.4cm dia.

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Weight 96 g