Hi and welcome to our site:

I’m Joe – I am 13 and since the summer of 2016 my mum and I have cycled over 3,500 miles across Europe and spent more than 5 months sleeping in a tent, even though we have a perfectly good flat at home.  

I’m Bridget, Joe’s mum.  I am a self-employed, home-educating single parent.  In 2016 I read a magazine article about VeloOdyssey, the flat, off-road bike path that runs the length of France. In the summer of that year Joe and I embarked upon the journey with very little preparation.

This site is a record of those bikepacking and cycle touring trips in the UK and Europe, with additional information on gear, fitness and practicalities.  We hope you enjoy our site and are inspired to go on trips of your own soon.