Match the Miles 2019 from the Adventure Syndicate

Match the Miles Challenge from the Adventure Syndicate.

For the past couple of years the Adventure Syndicate have run a week-long ‘Match the Miles’ challenge to encourage schools in Scotland to remotely race against a pair of pro bike riders in real time. This year it was opened up to individuals to participate.  It happened to fall on the final week of our USA/Canada trip, so it seemed like a good opportunity to get Joe involved.  If you are not familiar with the Adventure Syndicate then I would suggest having a look at their website.  They are a fantastic group of women who aim to inspire women and girls in particular to ride further and do more than they had previously thought possible.  This year’s challenge saw current round-the-world record holder Jenny Graham ride off road from Cape Wrath to the English border alongside former Scotland international Lee Craigie, who now bears the impressive title of Active Nation Commissioner for Scotland.  Each night the number of miles ridden was entered into an online form and the position of the riders in the race calculated.  Joe had a lot of fun with it and so I will let him tell the story from here on:

Hi, it’s Joe here. I have been doing the Match the Miles challenge from The Adventure Syndicate. I have been riding the Erie canal trail in the USA and also went to Niagara Falls in Canada. On the last day of our trip we finished cycling in Toronto. I came third place in the individual category. I am 14 and I live in the Scottish Borders. I did all my miles with luggage as we are travelling unsupported. I am home schooled, so my mum is sort of like my teacher, which is why I  entered the challenge as an individual and not a pair.

On the first two days of the challenge I rode from Rochester NY to Buffalo NY along the Erie Canal trail, which was 97 miles.

This is my mum. She is wearing a motel shower cap on her bike helmet. As if I care or anything.

I bet you can’t guess where we went next….

….oh how did you know?

This is me on the trail from Buffalo to Niagara Falls. I carry all my own luggage on my bike.  From Buffalo to St Catharines in Canada was 37 miles.

Me doing poses in front of Niagara Falls….

The next day we rode to Hamilton, Ontario which was 42 miles.

Bike riding fuel. Tim Hortons is probably the best fast food place I have been to so far.  I love Timbits.  Oh, that sounds really wrong….

At the foot of the CN tower in Toronto. We made it.  We rode 51 miles before we ran out of time for the day, but I did another 4 miles afterwards that didn’t count.

Well, out of everyone in Individuals/Pairs I came 3rd with 227 miles.

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Thanks for reading this post of my Match the Miles challenge, I hoped you enjoyed it. Make sure to read other trips I have done on this website. ~Joe

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