Bivvy-a-month Challenge

Joe and I are currently taking part in the Bivvy-a-month challenge from the Bear Bones bikepacking forum.   In essence this is a challenge to sleep out (after a bike ride) once a month for twelve consecutive months.  A bothy counts, but a hostel doesn’t.  It’s a great challenge that acts as a fine motivator to get you out camping in the wild when it might otherwise have been easy to let things slide and not bother. Have a read and maybe join in if you fancy it….

Here are the rules of the challenge which I have copied from the Bare Bones forum page.

  1. Sleep out at least one night out during every calendar month … feel free to start any month you like, just as long as you tot up 12 consecutive months.
  2. A single trip taking in both the last night of one month and the first night of the next, will count as two months if you wish.
  3. No paid-for accommodation including campsites or hostels.
  4. A bike must be involved – it’s bikepacking, the clue’s in the name …
  5. Your own garden doesn’t count, although next doors does … if you must.

Obviously, you’re entirely free to do things your own way and ignore the above.


We have tried to complete this before, but always come unstuck in the winter months when various bugs and minor ailments have conspired to keep us home in the warm and dry.  This time we started the challenge in December and having successfully completed the winter months I am hopeful we will make it all the way to the finish line in November.  At the time of writing we have completed December to July and so have four more months to go.  I will update this page after every successful month.  If Joe successfully completes the challenge then he will be the youngest person to have done so.

December 2018 – camping in Craik forest.

January 2019 – Kershopehead Bothy

February 2019 – The Secret Howff

March 2019 – Green Bothy

April 2019 – Camping in Cuba

May 2019 – camping in the USA

June 2019 – A midsummer bivvy by the river in Craik.

July 2019 – Gameshope bothy

To be continued……